courtney croxdale lofton


Artist Statement

As a multimedia artist, I am not attached to a lone medium; I respect and cherish the different qualities and strengths of all media, and I use the tool that best suits the style and story of each piece. Though my work has visual variety, there is always contextual and stylistic continuity.

The inspirations for my subject matter are folklore and storytelling; civil rights and social justice; and American, mid-century pop culture. Most often my work is critical, celebratory and reflective of these things.


I grew up in Alabama dreaming of big cities and cold weather. I have since moved north and spent some time living and traveling in Europe. In 2014 I graduated with a bachelors degree in Studio Art from Athens State University, where I also dabbled heavily in theatre.

On December 9th of last year, I married a dear man named Tim. We live in an old department store building in downtown Louisville with our kitty Mona - who is named after Jenny Slate’s character on Parks and Rec.



What’s a røux?

Roux is a french word for redhead (which I am) or a spicy stew (which I am not). røux is a stylized* spelling of Roo – the name of the little kangaroo in Winnie the Poo, and the nickname my father gave me as a little girl. My family still calls me this; my nieces and nephews have even been indoctrinated.

So…røux isn’t so much a ‘what,’ as it is a ‘who.’

*The ø is included as a homage to the time I spent living in Copenhagen and the love I have for Denmark and the word ‘øl’ – best sound in the world.