Specialization is our cultural compulsion, but it is strangely counterproductive for me.

I thrive when allowing myself to explore all that I love.

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Specializing would literally mean confining myself to a particular medium. For most, this allows for a better focus; a way to direct their career so they are more easily guided and marketable. But I have always just felt stuck, blank, and frustrated when limiting myself to one path.

I have learned, explored and enjoyed so many different venues of expression and I do not wish to stifle myself or my ever developing skills.

Being an artist of my own making, outside of art school, is not easy. There are no roadmaps or instructions. It’s hard to market and isn’t always very profitable. But that is less important to me than making art in the way I choose, the way I am wired.


Artist, designer, actress, writer… I am all of these things. And maybe a few more.

I hope you enjoy my work. I sure do.


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A roux is a hot mess.

A versatile, delightful, and complex mess developed over time with patience and uninterrupted refining. Roux is also French fo redhead.

All of this rings true to who I am, and it is the nickname I have grown up with.