courtney croxdale lofton

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monsters and lore series


Campfire Stories

Charcoal drawing, 2019


"Campfire stories" is a perfect representation of the "Monsters and Lore" series. The scene toys with a superficially disturbing ambiance; at first glance the face in the flame appears demonic, but upon closer observation the image reveals a face lit by flashlight. All at once, the image evokes the memories of scary stories and folklore told at night by campfire, and brings back the feelings of youth - when being scared was something whimsical and innocent.


The Bride, no. 5

Linocut print, 2018


"The Bride" was printed from a linocut in a series of only 5 prints. This print is designed to be an abstraction of the notorious Bride of Frankenstein. The print's abstract design allows the piece and its subject to be uniquely coy and conspicuous; and this alternative perspective brings a heightened view to a very pop icon.