courtney croxdale lofton


Courtney Croxdale - Artist Statement, 2014

I am currently exploring the interactions, representations and juxtapositions of feminism and femininity in post-modern culture. I am a young woman, with an evolving perspective influenced by both feminist theory and female pop-culture icons, such as the male gaze and Beyonce. Misunderstood perceptions of feminism often assume it opposes feminine sexuality, but I hope to spark new and positive conversations that encourage women to feel empowered through femininity rather than objectified or marginalized by it.

As a multimedia artist I am inspired more by imagery than a particular medium. I enjoy working with photography when seeking naturalism, painting for abstraction or impressionism, printing for graphic style, ceramics in realism, and assemblage for surrealism. In seeking to create approachable and fun art, my work and style is simplistic but vibrantly colored, bold, glamorous, and textual. And specifically, while evaluating feminism and femininity, I have been heavily influenced by American film representations of femininity (the “Bride of Frankenstein” and “It Happened One Night”), the literary work and life of Dorothy Parker, Andy Warhol’s pop art, and Alfred Stieglitz’s portrait photography of Georgia O’Keefe.