Spooky October Podcasts

If you’ve seen any of my art, then you have probably guessed that I enjoy the more macabre side of life. What you may not know is I also love podcasts.

I love spending time home alone absorbing some good old storytelling. It just feels so cozy. Even though most of the stories I listen to involve murder, criminals, monsters and ghosts. 

My spooky podcast intake usually increases during October in celebration of the Halloween season, and this year it’s probably tripled. I live in New Orleans where I don’t really get to enjoy fall, so I’ve been making extra effort to curate the atmosphere of the season at home. I’ve been regularly watching Halloweenie movies, carving pumpkins, making chili, drinking lots of hot tea, AND listening to eerie podcasts.

So just in case anyone out there is looking for a new binge, I thought I’d share some of my current favorites with you just in time for the big day:

Spooky stories


The ultimate campfire stories podcast where guests share personal ghost/paranormal stories. It’s only released during the Halloween season each year, and host Glynn Washington is a eerie gem of a storyteller.

Two Girls One Ghost

Corinne and Sabrina are two ladies who are possibly more obsessed with spooky things than I am. Regular episodes include research on chosen topics; “encounters” include a few paranormal stories from their large library of listener submissions.

The Grave Talks

Each week Tony Brueski skillfully interviews paranormal experts about their experiences. Brueski is a masterful interviewer with a great balance of directional questioning and a respectful listening.


Aaron Mahnke is a folk story and podcast genius. He perfectly turns his research into listenable content about the deep origins and background of folklore. It has even become a book series and an Amazon Prime tv series.


This scripted podcast follows three teens investigating a suspicious urban legend in their town.  Its a fairly short series that entertains and leaves you hoping for follow-up seasons.

True Crime


A dark dive into the true crime obsessions of an insomniac host. It’s fairly unsurprising that these horrific stories are keeping him up at night.

Root of Evil

This podcast takes an incredible journey through one family’s knowledge that their deceased patriarch was most likely the Black Dahlia murderer. The family history that is exposed is as intriguing as it is upsetting. The podcast is also a companion to TNT’s limited series I Am the Night.


Another successful Aaron Mahnke podcast that explores a single topic each season. The first season was a deep dive into Salem Witch Trials, while the current is about the Victorian craze of Spiritualism. Slightly less entertaining than Lore, but intensely educational.

Man in the Window

More than 40 years after his prolific crime spree began, the Golden State Killer has finally been arrested. This podcast includes the history of this evil man, the personal stories of many he hurt, how the case was finally solved, and how the victims are overcoming their abuser.


Christian Andreacchio’s death was quickly written off as a suicide by police, when evidence clearly contradicts that possibility. As his family and investigators fight for justice, the corruption and negligence* revealed in the case are guaranteed instigate indignation.

*Culpable bears similar signs of investigative neglect and frustration as in the recent Showtime docu-series Murder in the Bayou.

Notable choices from years past:


Limetown is a scripted podcast that follows journalist Lia Haddock as she investigates the disappearance of an entire group of people participating in a scientific experiment that her uncle helped orchestrate. The second season was released last fall and Jessica Biel now stars in the new Facebook tv series based on the first.

Deadly Manners

A scripted murder mystery, dinner-party podcast series with Kristen Bell, Michelle Visage, and RuPaul... need I say more?

Up and Vanished

Payne Lindsey originally wanted to create a documentary but when he and Tenderfoot TV made this cold case investigation a podcast he struck gold. The first season actually helped bring about new leads that solved the case and brought murderers to justice. I think it’s fair to say going the podcast route was a good move.

Monster Podcast

This is a must listen. While the second season is a thorough study of the frustratingly unsolved Zodiac case.. the first season explores a series of murders that is amazingly more upsetting. The Atlanta child murders were shamefully ignored by police for too long and brushed aside after Wayne Williams’s arrest. The cultural significance of the case alone is a proper justification for listening.

Happy Face

The happy face murders were committed by a sadistic and disturbed man in the early 90’s. The podcast journeys alongside his daughter as she seeks to learn, heal, and move forward from the shadow her father’s legacy and crimes have held over hers and the victims lives.


I hope you check some these out when you’re in the mood for a lil something creepy. They’ll be sure to deliver!

And let me know if you have any eerie listening suggestions! Or Halloween traditions you use to get in the spirit! I’m always excited for new scary stories and Halloweenie traditions.